What do bluegrass, rockingchairs, supper and square dancing have in common?


If you said they’re all part of an awesome night, you’re right. But did you ever think they could be part of church?

Wild Goose Christian Community is a brand new nontraditional worshipping community in Floyd County.

Pews have been replaced with rockers, organs with banjos, and goblets with Mason jars. Additionally, Wild Goose has moved away from traditional, preacher-based worship into incorporating the congregated group; discussions occur instead of sermons. Through these means, Wild Goose creates a vivid and extremely unique Appalachian experience for participants in the Uprisings.

Wild Goose seeks to reach out to folks who have been embittered by traditional churches as well as those seeking additional and alternative worship services.

Potluck meal begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings, followed by the Uprising service.